Kimi, a recruitment specialist.
Robin, a sales director.
Alex, a product designer, and her parrot.
Pat, an operations director taking a photo.
Trisha, an interior designer at home.
Tasha, an copywriter.

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Competitive compensation
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We require all clients to pay competitively.

Our clients understand that great quality demands great rates. We do our best to filter only for companies that are serious about building a killer team.

Contractor benefits
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We're working on health coverage, taxes &Β more

Right now, we offer benefits in the form of basic health coverage, accounting, and tax payments. We're working to grow this list, and improve the benefits we already provide.

Cultivating community
A community of remote workers collaborating outside of an office setting.

Going remote doesn't have to mean going alone.

You're joining more than just a list. You're signing up to a community of remarkable individuals. Get ready to join online events,Β meet-ups & other things we've got cookin'.

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Learn from the

best speakers.

This year, we're proud to have a lineup of speakers who are not only at the top of their industry, but who are also highly talented and creative. You won't be disappointed.

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Speaker lineup
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Made with πŸ–€ by a remote team

Dorxata is a design and development firm based in Manila, working for clients on every inhabited continent.

Learn about Dorxata
Learn about Dorxata
Josh Navoa, Lead Engineer and Founder of Dorxata.
Chai Ramento, Project Director.
Miko Garrido, CEO and Founder.
Lorenz Mercado, Junior Webflow Developer.
Martin Parulan, Partnerships Director.
Kitty Almazora, Executive Coordinator.
Steven Pollicar, Chief of Operations.
RJ Saavedra, Development Director.

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We'll review your application. You should hear from us within 24 hours. We may also send you a test to verify specific skillsets.

Our application process
Our application process
Our application process
Our application process
Our application process
Our application process

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We'll then schedule one or more interviews with you, and you're welcome to ask questions you might have for us in turn.

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If you pass our interviews, we'll help you create a compelling profile. As clients come in, we'll let you know when we find a match.

Get inspired by the industry greats.

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An agenda filled with knowledge

Design isn't just about making things look pretty. Design is about solving problems. That's why our design conference has an agenda made for you to learn the most valuable skills from our speakers.

Discover what makes you a unique designer
Wallie Sharso

Everyone has their own unique perspective, and that's what makes designers so special. We all have our own individual processes, methodologies and ways of seeing the world. And it is this diversity that allows us to create such beautiful and innovative designs.

Creating design systems within small teams
Sarah Pratt

One of the most important things that designers can do is to create and maintain design systems. Design systems provide a shared set of standards and patterns that can be used by all members of a team. They help to ensure that everyone is on the same page, and they can save a lot of time and frustration in the long run.

Learn what makes a design sprint successful
Rilley Fathese

Design sprints are all the rage these days, and it's easy to see why. After all, who wouldn't want to compress months of work into a single week? However, successfully completing a design sprint requires more than just a willingness to work long hours. In order to be successful, you need to understand the basics of Design Sprinting.

Mastering figma for website prototyping
Cam Gerady

Designers are often asked to prototype websites and apps. Figma is a great tool for this purpose, and it's not difficult to learn. The more you practice, the better you'll become at prototyping websites and apps in Figma.

You've got questions, we have answers*

What positions are available?

Positions will open up as we onboard more employers onto the client side of our platform. We'll make sure we notify you once we find a potential match.

Do I have to pay an application fee?

Every step in our application process is 100% free. If you are asked to make a payment at any point, by our team or a client interviewing you, please report the incident immediately to

Can you tell me more about your contractor benefits?

Our benefits program is at the heart of what we do, and we are constantly making improvements. As of October 14th, 2022, our benefits include: a Maxicare EReady Platinum card, independent contractor tax payments and accounting, and free community events.

How do I qualify for contractor benefits?

Once you work a specified number of hours or reach a specific project duration, you'll trigger your benefits package. We are working on a standardised benefits qualification scheme. For now, we establish the qualification during your interview process.

How and when will I receive my pay?

We will bill the client's credit card every Saturday at 10pm, Philippine Standard Time. You'll receive your weekly earnings report Sunday at 10pm, Philippine Standard Time. It should reflect in your bank account by Tuesday at 10pm, Philippine Standard Time.

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